High-End Branding and Web Design

We help businesses and public figures develop, create, and improve their professional and personal brand experiences.

Brand Identity & Logo Design

Your brand’s identity sets the tone for the look and feel of your entire brand. A professional logo and brand identity will set you apart from your peers and give you a competitive edge.

Custom Website Design

Your website should have the perfect balance of beautiful design and ease-of-use, with a focus on communicating your brand’s story to your visitors and increasing conversions.

In-Person Branding Boot Camp

Our boot camp is an intense hands-on workshop that develops the 4 Ps of your business: People, Process, Profit and Presentation. Leave with a clear vision, polished brand story and professional brand identity.

6 Signs That Your Brand Is On

Life Support

  • You feel behind-the-times because of an outdated, under-performing website, logo, or marketing material
  • You struggle with knowing who to trust after investing your time and money on a previous website or project
  • You struggle to close deals, get booked, or sell more due to an inefficient sales cycle
  • You don’t know how to reinvent yourself after leaving a job or changing careers
  • You have trouble explaining or communicating your service, product or business to others
  • You struggle to market yourself among competitors and the sea of speakers, authors, and personal brands
branding checklist

We believe you shouldn’t struggle to close deals, get booked or get paid what you’re worth. There is a solution to your struggling brand or website. Download our free branding checklist: 12 Things Every Brand Must Have To Be Successful

WE Nation brand development mockup

Develop + Start a Business

Gain clarity on your ideas and make your dream of starting a business a reality.

We have a battle-tested, step-by-step system to help you develop and launch your personal or professional brand. A system that will take your ideas from concept to reality, without breaking the bank.

Create + Build Your Brand

Bring your brand to life through brand identity, website design and graphic design.

We have a battle-tested, step-by-step system to help you develop and launch your personal or professional brand. A system that will take your ideas from concept to reality, without breaking the bank.

Improve Your brand experience

Revive your professional image by rebranding your company or reinventing yourself.

Don’t let an outdated inconsistent brand continue to slow down your sales cycle and damage your credibility. We will transform your visual communications–whether it be website redesign, updated marketing collateral or complete brand overhaul.

Client Success Story


I’ve been blessed to work with Sargent Branding over the past 8 years; and there’s 3 things I can always expect: consistency, great customer service and quality work. If you want to make your next move your best move, contact Cortney and his team.

Dwight Taylor, Sr.
Author, Speaker, Sacramento Jr. NBA Coach of the Year

Our 3-Step Brand Transformation Process

Schedule Discovery Call

A quick discovery call to get acquainted, answer your questions and discover how we can help.

Create A Strategy

Map out a step-by-step action plan to revamp your brand and supercharge your business.

Launch Your Brand or Website

Our team will design your visual brand and build your conversion-focused website.

CEO Cortney Sargent

A Little About Us

With a 9-year track record of success, our superpower is thoughtfullyunderstanding your vision, then making it a reality through creative design and art, driven by a strategic nurturing process and all-star customer service.

We partner with mid-large businesses, startups, and public figures to develop,create and improve their brand, and increase brand experience and awareness.

We are a group of passionate, skillful artists from varies backgrounds and
experiences. We are a U.S. company and our office is in Plano, TX. Companies and entrepreneurs all over the nation trust us with their brand and personalreputation, which is a responsibility we dare not take lightly.


We’re a branding and web design agency in North Texas serving small-mid size businesses and public figures. Our superpower is making your vision become a reality through a nurturing, creative, strategic process.

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Plano, TX 75068

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