Cortney Sargent's Brand Building Boot Camps

An intense, one-on-one workshop to build your brand and grow your business

Clarify Your Message

Become more self-aware and engage with your audience

Build Your Brand

Create eye-catching graphics that “pop” and demand attention

Become an Industry Leader

You’ll have a strategic plan of action to grow your business

Do you need professional graphic design, web design or logo?

Are you unfulfilled and confused about your brand?

Is your business or company not growing due to lack of marketing?

Branding Building Boot Camp solves these problems and more!

Cortney Sargent’s Brand Building Boot Camp is an intense, one-on-one workshop-style boot camp that will increase your credibility, make you an industry influencer, improve your business operations and give you power to control the future of your brand.

Cortney will travel on-site to your city and guide you through his proven, battle-tested brand development system and design your branding/marketing materials, whether that be a logo, social media graphics, business card or an entire website.

Request your boot camp to learn how it can transform your brand and business from the inside-out.

David Simons website

“This boot camp reignited my passion for my business.”

Lucreshia, YG Hair Salon

Watch how we’re changing the game for brand development…

Brand Building Boot Camp Is For You If:

  • You need help identifying exactly what your brand is
  • You need help communicating your message to your audience
  • You want to rebrand your business or company
  • You have a brand, but haven’t had consistent growth
  • You want to replace your 9-5 income with your business income
  • You want to become a full-time entrepreneur
  • You need a logo, website or other type of branding and marketing materials
  • You don’t know how to promote or market your business (on social media)
  • You need help with your business operations in order to be profitable
  • You want to start a new brand or business, but don’t know how to get it off the ground

How It Works

Cortney will travel on-site to your city to guide you through his proven brand development system that covers your business structure & operations, brand messaging, target audience, products, services, self-awareness exercises, marketing, brand identity and more.

During the multi-day boot camp, the Sargent Branding team will design all the visual elements of your new brand identity, whether that be a logo, website, business card or social media graphics.

How It’s Different

Most branding boot camps only tell you what’s wrong with your brand. Unlike them, we actually put in work while on-site with you to transform your brand and business from the inside-out. And, we don’t take weeks to do it.

In a matter days, you will have a fresh, new look to your brand and a reignited passion and direction for your business. This is not hype or theory, and there are no gimmicks involved—just grind!

David Simons website
David Simons

David’s brand went from 0 to 100 during a 2-day boot camp!

I can’t tell you how amazing this boot camp was. Literally, in a matter of hours Cortney and his team turned around an amazing logo and stellar website. I’ve never seen a turnaround like this in anything! I’m so excited about my new brand.

David D. Simons – “The Mediapreneur”
Philadelphia, PA

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