Urban Family Communications Case Study

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About the Client

Urban Family Communications is a national radio network that offers Christian-oriented programming for the urban communities in America. At the genesis of this project, Urban Family was a start-up network with a unique lineup of radio programs and on-air personalities. They partnered with us to create a corporate identity and personality-based radio brands that resonated with their target audience–Urban America.


Behind the Logo

We decided to start the brand identity with a logo. The logo had to include visuals of the urban inner-city community and family structure. To meet this challenge, we decided to use the city skyline as a backdrop to a silhouette of mother, father, and child.

Urban Family Communications website mockup

An Interactive Website That Pops

The next step in the process was the website. Just as we did with the logo, the website had to reflect a corporate feel with an urban twist. The website also needed to feature a blog functionality for staff writers, social media integration, and a 24/7 live streaming feature so that listeners could tune in to the broadcast on the website.

After approximately 1 year, we re-designed the website to be more modern and contemporary. It also incorporated more user friendly features and encouraged users to share the articles on social media, which increased their social influence and website traffic. This emphasis allowed the Urban Family audience to be more engaged with the brand.

Radio Program Brand Extensions

Along with the organization’s brand identity, we were tasked with creating individual identities for each of Urban Family’s live on-air radio programs. This brand identity included a photo of the radio host, color palette, font styles, and a short description of the program. We had the unique task to create an identity that reflected the listening audience of that particular program. In the end, Urban Family was very pleased with all of the new brands we created for them.


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