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The Client

WE Nation Enterprises is a motivational and empowerment training company for college students and young adults founded by Corry Worrell. After travelling the country speaking under Tony Robbins Research Institute, Corry launched out on his own to begin WE Nation. He partnered with us to develop and create an exciting new brand.


The Objectives

  • Develop a new brand with complimentary collateral that is reflective of the energetic, creative and self-expressive brand culture
  • Create an exciting, actionable website that encourages prospects to download content and submit form inquiries, ultimately leading to paid speaking engagements
  • Design print collateral and merchandise for live events and shows
  • Design a brand-centric media kit that informs and excites college administrators looking to book Corry for speaking engagements


The Results

Before Corry partnered with us, his brand was fragmented and inconsistent–in fact, all he had as a text-based logo that he wasn’t happy with. Our team spent over 80 hours designing, developing and consulting with Corry on his new brand to develop and create the exact brand identity and website he desired. In the end, he now has a brand that accurately represents him and a website he is proud to show off and use for converting prospects into clients.

WE Nation Enterprises logo

I’ll look at my website now just to look at it. It’s freaking sick! I’m very proud of what’s been created.

My brand represents me in every way. I would describe my experience working with Sargent Branding as nurturing. They took the time to listen and understand my passion, which empowered them to create all the products and services the way I wanted them.

Before I worked with Sargent Branding it was challenging for me to discuss business and talk to people about the services I provide. Prospects didn’t believe me because I didn’t have a brand. Now, having a brand and website up to the standard that Sargent Branding has provided, has given me the credibility to discuss business with people on a totally different level. People are taking me serious, and I’m getting callbacks.

– Corry Worrell

Corry Worrell
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